A Month of Thrifty Birthdays

Oh dear – it’s happened already. Another month has gone by! It’s been a busy one here at the Thrift household. We are a family rather dominated by Librans, so we are suffering from birthday-fever around here.

I’m very proud to say that we managed to completely avoid the temptation to buy the gorgeous Steiner-esque dollhouse for Toddler Thrift’s 2nd birthday. However, completely coincidentally, my mother-in-law spotted it in a shop and couldn’t resist, so it now has pride of place in our lounge-room. How’s that for coincidence! In fact, the toddler was so thoroughly spoilt by her grandparents that we didn’t even bother giving her half of the presents we had been collecting from the op-shop over the previous months. At two, her patience for present opening is limited to a few at a time, which means that we now have Christmas fairly well sorted as well – in terms of toddler presents, anyway!


One Response to “A Month of Thrifty Birthdays”

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